Cocktail Baby Shower

/ Thursday, December 29, 2011 /
Before the year ends, here's a Cocktail Baby Shower I had the pleasure to design and host for my friend Ginger, the same mom-to-be of the Plum Party I had featured earlier this year. The tendency could be to merely serve finger foods and cocktails, but my goal for the event was to stretch beyond that and come up with a creative balance of sophistication and fun. The invitations cleverly incorporate the iconic martini glass into the event logo, cleanly framed against one of her favorite patterns. Invited guests find all the event details inside, a map, QR codes that conveniently link directly to gift registries, and an insert card with instructions for a "B.Y.O.B." game (Bring Your Own Baby photo!), all nicely packaged in printed envelopes with coordinating navy liners.

A sleek, contemporary clubhouse was the perfect venue for the event. Coordinating patterns, accents of homemade fabric bow ties, and a color palette of bold navy and azure complimented her preppy-chic style. The dessert table featured Japanese roll cake, cream puffs, macaron cookies with chocolate ganache, cake pops, and chocolate and blue velvet cupcakes. As a playful twist, I created several baby rattle shakers to house an assortment of sprinkles so guests could top their cupcakes with sprinkles of their choice.  At the bar, the self-serve drink station encouraged guests to fill glass bottles with their favorite "formulas." Traditional mimosas were served alongside an assortment of mocktails, with the option to add a splash of liquor for those who want to "feel a lil kick." The B.Y.O.B. game display used root beer cases and numbered clothespins ready for guests to hang the photos in random order when they arrived. And of course, a tip jar collected advice and special messages for mom-to-be. Overall it was a great event, "pouring with love" and made to fit mom's personal style, and all the fun continued out the door when guests left with miniature shakers filled with their own mix of cocktail flavored jellybeans. Cheers and congratulations Ginger!

Credits: Cupcakes, Cream Puffs, Cookies & Cake Pops: Baking in Faith


{ Sardean } on: June 25, 2012 at 5:45 PM said...

this is such a cute idea! love all your party ideas.

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